About Us

Over the last twenty years, the innovative SystemsGo aerospace curriculum has enriched the lives of thousands of high school students by providing skills in team work, problem solving, and leadership. The SystemsGo Alumni Association was created to foster the development of these students post-graduation. Our hope is that the Association will serve as a resource to the alumni, as well as promoting the curriculum itself.

Our Mission

The SystemsGo Alumni Association will unite alumni, motivating them to support and promote the SystemsGo program and participate in its activities, while educating potential SystemsGo members about the benefits of the program.

Our Goals

  • Connect alumni, one to another.
  • Connect alumni to potential employers.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities to alumni.
  • Empower alumni to continue to receive benefits of the SystemsGo program post-graduation.
  • Educate potential SystemsGo participants in the benefits of the program.
  • Highlight successful SystemsGo alumni and how the program has benefited their career.

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